Batman Returns - Michael Keaton

Keaton could reprise his role in a mentor capacity and appear in multiple movies

Holy return, Batman!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Batman legend Michael Keaton is currently in talks with Warner Bros. over a potential return to the DCEU in the upcoming The Flash movie. The movie, which is expected to follow the “Flashpoint” storyline has been stuck in developmental hell for several years, but Warner Bros. is eager to get the ball rolling and have Ezra Miller back in action sooner rather than later.

Michael Keaton - Batman Returns

The deal, which the studio has refused to comment on is expected to see Keaton return as Batman and assume a mentor for Ezra Miller’s Flash – AND see the screen legend return multiple times as the new Nick Fury of the DC Universe. It is hoped that Keaton will return for multiple projects including Batgirl – a project which is still in development even though the original director, Joss Whedon has relinquished his directorial duties and abandoned the project.

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Until we hear anything concrete from the studio – take this report with a very big pinch of salt. However, should the rumors be true then one of the greatest actors to ever wear the cape and cowl will soon return to his most iconic role. And that is damn exciting!


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