September 22, 2023
Marvel Acquires The Rights To 'Aliens' and 'The Predator'

Marvel to produce an all-new comic line for both franchises

If it bleeds – we can kill it!

Alien and Predator fans rejoice. We are delighted to confirm that Marvel Comics has officially acquired the rights to both iconic franchises to produce a whole new comic series for both legendary creatures. Both Alien and Predator have been a part of the Dark Horse Comics brand since 1988 and 1989, respectively. However, since Disney owns Marvel, it was inevitable that both icons of the sci-fi genre would end up beneath the Marvel umbrella.


Although Marvel has yet to reveal any specific titles or creative teams for the comic series, IGN received the green light for unveiling some cool new artwork created by Batman artist David Finch. Check them out below:

Marvel Comics AlienMarvel Comics Predator

I just adore how The Predator is clutching the severed head of Tony Stark’s Iron Man! Now, as cool as this image is it should be noted that Marvel has not green-lit any such crossover with the Avengers. As it stands, Marvel aims to expand upon the mythology of both Alien and Predator and build upon their cinematic legacies. However, I wouldn’t rule out them crossing paths with some icons of the Marvel universe somewhere down the line. And that is damn exciting.

The Marvel Universe is expanding once again – and in this universe, Avengers get hunted!


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(Source: IGN)

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