Hot Toys Review | Princess Leia (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Thomas checks out the incredible new Leia Organa figure from Hot Toys

Hot Toys‘ latest Star Wars release is Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi! There’s also a 2-pack version with Wicket, at a more expensive price though.


The box sports the usual Star Wars design – black with pictures of the figure on it. This one comes with 6 interchangeable hands, a blaster, a poncho, a helmet, and a bracelet/watch/comlink and of course the stand. This stand is beautiful, it’s an environment set that comes with two pieces of the moon of Endor’s forest. It’s pretty cool and changes from the basic white or black stand. The nameplate is the usual one – silver with Star Wars and the character name on it. Read the user guide before unboxing the figure!


Leia‘s headsculpt is AMAZING, it’s spot on Carrie Fisher. It seems to be a re-use of Empire Strikes Back Leia Hoth figure, which makes sense considering it’s the same haircut in both movies. As usual with Hot Toys when it comes to headsculpt, only expect the best! I actually went with this version of Leia because I really like the outfit. It has this military officer feel. It’s simple but it still has some colors. The boots are faux leather as it’s often the case with Hot Toys.


I love how they were able to get all the different colors on the poncho – brown and all these shades of green! There are some wires in it like for the MAFEX figures. Except, I feel like wires would be better on Superhero figures that have capes. To get the poncho on, you have to remove the head and the belt. Then you remove the pouch of the belt, be very careful, it’s fragile. You put the poncho, then the belt back on, then the pouch, and then you attach the belt back to the body. It just looks wonderful! For the helmet, you have to be careful too, because of the hair. It’s simple though, you remove the back of the hair and then put the head inside the poncho.

This figure has over 32 points of articulation like all the Hot Toys figures.


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Final Thoughts

A wonderful addition to the Star Wars line!


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