Annlyel explores the prospect of the Scarlet Witch becoming the new big bad of the MCU

WandaVision will arrive later this year and it’s an exciting prospect. The show will follow the story of newly-revived Wanda Maximoff and her evolving relationship with love interest Vision on a show that is designed kind of like a classic sitcom. This is a strange concept considering that Vision, last time we saw him, was dead dead dead. And clearly, something is up due to the whole different sitcom styles of the series. But just what exactly?

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Wanda’s story in the MCU has been fraught with tragedy. As a child, she had to endure the loss of her parents. In Avengers: Age of Ultron she lost her brother Pietro as he sacrificed his life for Hawkeye. She was looked upon as a monster whose power was frightening to society even though she was an Avenger. Vision was the only one who understood her and unsurprisingly they forged a romantic bond. A bond that would be severed thanks to Thanos. She would lose Vision not only once, by her own hand, but twice as Thanos turned back time to rip the Mind Stone out of his head.

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When we last saw her she was at Tony Stark‘s funeral mourning the loss of her own loved one, Vision. So how could she be in a show with the ultra-cool but recently deceased robotic Avenger? I have no idea but I have a clear spidey-sense that something is very wrong. When Wanda discovers that this “life” she has with Vision is all a lie will we see Wanda crack? Will she become the monster the world has always feared? Will The Avengers have their next greatest challenge to face since Thanos? Think about it. As Wanda loses more loved ones and gets angrier she becomes more powerful. Look what she did to Thanos in Endgame. If not for his ship, she would’ve killed him easily. What could a fully villainous version of Wanda Maximoff look like as she alters realities and uses her incredible abilities to render The Avengers useless against her might?

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It’s already been confirmed that Wanda will receive her comic book accurate nickname in this show, the Scarlet Witch. This doesn’t sound like a title received in favor of her abilities. This sounds like the beginning of a villainous origin story that could lead to some seriously dark circumstances down the line.

And if so…that would be a fun change of events.


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