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Max explores why so many of the Sequel Trilogy stars are refusing to return to the galaxy far, far away…

One of the oddest things about Disney/Star Wars is that all of the main actors do NOT want to continue to work in the Star Wars universe. Why? Daisy Ridley was the first of the new “Big Three” to say she does not expect to play Rey again anytime soon. Oscar Isaac was next in saying that he would only play Poe once more if he “needed a new house”. This is bitter sarcasm implying that he would only return if he needed money to the point of not having anything else.


This past week, John Boyega has also said he will never play Finn again and that 3 movies were enough. What the hell is going on? Why are the Sequel Trilogy Stars so bitter and angry at Disney? You would think they would love to portray these characters again at any time but instead, they are basically telling Disney to go jump in a lava pit. Something must be rotten at Disney and the only proof is Mark Hamill saying he did not like how they “did” Luke Skywalker for the new trilogy.

Star Wars | The Defining Moments: Luke Skywalker

Hamill is a veteran and Disney knows they rely on him and cannot control him; the 3 newbies can be easily replaced and cannot openly speak up against the House of Mouses’ treatment of them. They must’ve had a HORRIBLE experience working at Disney if they are so soured by the idea of returning. Why? Daisy Ridley loved J.J Abrams. She was in tears of joy when he was revealed to be returning for IX and I think so did the other stars. Perhaps the Phantom Menace of all these problems is at the source. Kathleen Kennedy?

Kathleen Kennedy

There have been whispers over the years that Kennedy is notoriously hard to work with and that she fires people who have “creative differences” with her. The original Solo directors were fired as were the Game of Thrones guys. Since they are legally unable to tell us what went wrong, the only “human” explanation is that Kennedy is not easy to work with. There have also been rumors that their currently is a war between Kennedy and other parts of the administration and that people want to Execute an Order 66 on the Sequel Trilogy and start all over again. Unless we work for Disney; we will never know the truth. All we know is that Kennedy is the epicenter of all these crazy occurrences. Her contact is scheduled to expire in 2021 and we do not know if it will be renewed. I personally think she has done an excellent job leading Lucasfilm and should stay but I never worked under her. Only time will tell.


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