September 22, 2023

S.H. Figuarts reveals first look at new Avengers Endgame figures!

During the Tamashii Features event at the beginning of July, it was revealed that a new Thor and Thanos figures would be coming as part of the “Final Battle” Edition line from Avengers Endgame. Now, S.H. Figuarts has revealed a detailed look at these figures and a release date – December. These are Bandai Premium Exclusive.

Thanos comes with a damaged armor, two interchangeable hands, 4 interchangeable hands, Tony’s nano gauntlet, a screen accurate Thanos sword and diorama pieces. Because of the diorama pieces being included, this figure goes for a high price compared to other Premium exclusives – 15,400 Yen.


Unlike Thanos, Thor is basically a repack from its first released except it comes with additional accessories – lightning effects and a blue eyes Thor headsculpt. This figure goes for 8,800 Yen.


Pre-orders are now open. These two figures will be released in December.


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