S.H. Figuarts has revealed brand new Marvel figures at the Tamashii Features 2020 event!

As promised, S.H. Figuarts has revealed a brand new set of Marvel figures including some release dates during the online event.

November will be another Avengers month with 2 figures from Endgame and a repack from The Avengers! All three are Tamashii Web Premium, pre-orders are now opened.

  • Iron Man MK-85 “I am Iron Man” edition. It was revealed yesterday during the sneak peek of the event. It comes with 3 interchangeable hands (1 left, 2 right), an interchangeable arm with the infinity stones and removable effects on it, 2 nano weapon interchangeable arms, a new Tony Stark headsculpt and a special stand! It goes for 8800 JPY.


  • Scarlett Witch “Final Battle” Edition. It’s an updated version from the first Scarlett Witch figure, this one comes with a red eye headsculpt. The other accessories are the same – 6 interchangeable hands (3 left, 3 right), power effects and a second hair piece. This one also goes for 8800JPY.


  • Iron Man MK-7. This one is a simple repack except the hall of armor isn’t included but instead a basic stand. It comes with 6 interchangeable hands (3 left, 3 right), wrist armor parts, leg missile parts, shoulder missile parts along with firing and reactor effects. This one goes for 7700JPY.


Concerning the figures with a release date, that’s all. However, more figures were revealed. As we suspected, there will be a Thanos “Final Battle” edition. The two other figures are Thor “Final Battle” edition and Doctor Strange “Final Battle” edition. Doctor Strange is finally coming with a soft goods cape which had been requested by fans for quite some time!

We will keep you updated for the release dates but you can expect a December-January release.

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