December 11, 2023
The Balance Series: Part 5 | Prophecy of The Chosen One

Max explores the effects of mental illness in the galaxy far, far away…

One of the biggest questions I have for the world of Star Wars; is just how is mental illness treated in the civilized galaxy. Is mental illness spotted at birth and corrected with tech or do they have advanced methods of treatment?

Star Wars | Defining Moments: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Either way, the Jedi don’t have it and a recent study showed that Anakin Skywalker probably suffered from Borderline Personality disorder. Now the Jedi are a mystical organization whose entire core revolves around the actions they deem are ‘light’ and ‘dark’. Mental illness is never really addressed among the Jedi and if it is, I’m sure they just recommend meditation instead of some pills. Legends continuity did have mental diagnosis’s but under the true canon, it only gets a brief mention in the Alphabet Squadron novels with the interrogator droid acting as a makeshift therapist for Yrica Quell.

Anakin's Dream Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

Therapy can actually be very useful for people even if they don’t have a documented chemical imbalance and Yoda gave Anakin a pseudo-therapy session in Revenge Of The Sith. I’m sure therapy exists. Yet what about meds? In Poe Dameron: Free Fall, Kes Dameron falls into a deep depression after the loss of his wife. He cried in dark corners and pushed his son away. Now, of course, losing a loved one falls under situational depression and can’t be fixed with chemicals; yet Kes probably was pre-dispositioned to have depression, and this life-changing event warrants he takes anti-depressants. Granted he does live on a farm on Yavin 4 and not Coruscant or Hosnian Prime but antidepressants seem to be child’s play to create and distribute in all parts of the galaxy.


So why is nobody popping pills?


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