November 26, 2022
Marvel's Avengers PS4

Thomas checks out the Beta version of the hotly-anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game

The highly anticipated game Marvel’s Avengers started its closed Beta last week with PS4 players. Then on August 14th, it opened its second weekend of Beta, this time for every PS4 player and people who pre-ordered the game on Steam (PC) and Xbox. There will be one final weekend of Beta from August 21 to August 23.  To say this game is highly anticipated is an understatement, there were so many people creating a Square Enix account to play the Beta there were delays for the confirmation emails to go out on Friday!

Marvel's Avengers Beta v1.0 build 22.2 14_08_2020 15_18_50

The Beta gives us a pretty good look at what to expect from the game – you get a peek at the story mode, the warzones, the missions, the co-op, and the customization of your character. Just the Beta is big so you can only imagine how huge this game is going to be at the launch in terms of playable content.

The Characters


During the A-Day story mission, you get to play Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and Iron Man. Then, during the rest of the Beta, you can play and upgrade Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Each character has specific skills and powers so for example you don’t play Black Widow the same way you play Hulk. Each superhero is different and has a specific set of skills so I appreciate that Square Enix replicated that with their characters. It’s really an immersive way to play superheroes in a video game!

As you level up your characters, you can upgrade their equipment and powers which will make them more powerful. Types of equipment are found on the battlefield when you open boxes, crates, or even defeat enemies.  You also have specific equipment for different environments. For example, on a snowy mission, you’ll use snow equipment which will reduce damage for the types of enemies you find there.

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Equipment doesn’t alter the way your character looks, only their strength/powers/damage. You have cosmetics for that. Cosmetics only change the way your character looks with a bunch of different outfits for each character. And that’s the only good way, you can do it! That way, you can use the outfit you want without altering your gaming experience. I have to applaud Square Enix for it because so many games have done it wrong in the past. The Beta only gives you access to a small number of outfits but you can see that there will be A LOT of outfits for your characters in the full game and that will thrill the fans!

Beyond outfits, you have nameplates for your characters. It’s another type of cosmetics except it’s to be used for the missions, it is displayed when you wait for the mission to begin in solo or co-op, you can also see it in your character’s profile. It’s a fun feature but nothing really essential. A really cool feature is the retro comics covers, you can check them in your collections, you earn them doing missions.


Everyone will have their own preference when it comes to their favorite characters in terms of maneuverability and playability. For me, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel are the best. They’re easy to play and do some really big damage. Their superpowers give you real leverage against big crowds and difficult enemies. However my favorite superpower is the Hulkbuster from Iron Man, this one slays it all even if it’s just for a little time.


The Story Mode

Marvel's Avengers Beta v1.0 build 22.2 14_08_2020 14_56_10

To start the story mode, you play the events of the A-Day when the world lost the Avengers and new Inhumans were “born”. This introduction to the game allows you to discover the gameplay of each character (minus Ms. Marvel). It’s the perfect way to start the game and the BETA.

Marvel's Avengers Beta v1.0 build 22.2 14_08_2020 16_29_12

The rest of the story mode is Kamala Harris aka Ms. Marvel trying to re-assemble the Avengers. You get a small taste of it with a story mission that leads you to re-activate the war room of the Helicarrier. The war room opens the warzones, the missions, and the co-op. The story mission you get is at the beginning of the re-assembling with Hulk and Ms. Marvel. It’s short but it is exciting, you get to see Maria Hill and Nick Fury as well! The story has a comics/movie feel in terms of scope and in terms of development and I love this!

Warzones, Missions, Co-Op


Warzones and missions can be played either solo with the help of the other unlocked characters (who will possess the equipment, skills, and strength you have upgraded for them) or with other players. Warzones are the equivalent of big missions, it starts on an outdoor environment, and then you have to infiltrate an AIM building to get something or destroy something. Missions are a lot shorter. You get rewards for both that can go from a simple comics cover to some really good equipment and others.

I personally prefer playing solo so I only did one co-op. Playing solo means you do the way you want it and your success doesn’t depend on other players.

The Visuals


Finally, I want to talk about the visuals. Depending on which platform you play the game, you’ll get better graphics. Obviously, if you have a gamer computer, you’ll get the best results and that’s the platform I’d recommend playing the game. For computers, you have to use the Steam platform to play the game. Both Playstation and Xbox are great but they have limited graphics parameters compared to computers, which can adjust the graphics. There are a lot of details whether it’s environments or characters. The human characters actually feel like they’re based on real humans giving it another touch of realism. For a 2020 video game, I think it’s excellent especially from Square Enix.

Whether you play on Xbox, Playstation, or PC, you have a photo mode that allows you to take in-game pictures. It’s basically a mandatory feature on games these days, it allows you to take pictures of the game the way you want it.

Marvel's Avengers Beta v1.0 build 22.2 14_08_2020 20_12_46

Finishing the Beta gives you access to an exclusive nameplate for the game at launch. I have to say I love the Beta and I’m just so excited for the full game, it’s everything I wanted from a superhero team-up video game and so much more! I can definitely recommend it! If you love cosmetics then pre-order the Deluxe Edition, if not the simple edition will do just fine.

The game will be released on September 4 (September 1st if you pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition).


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