December 7, 2023
Batman beyond

Megan recaps the DC FanDome Batman Beyond fun

DC FanDome is in full swing and even without it being over, it’s safe to say that it’s a complete success. So much so, that it and the news it’s shared, is trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, one of the trending topics from this is not the mash-up of the 1999 animated show Batman Beyond. This show followed an aged Bruce Wayne after he gave up the mantle of the bat and begrudgingly trained and aided his newest protege, the teenaged Terry McGinnis.


The last time fans had seen any new video content for this series was six years ago on the 75th anniversary of Batman’s creation. While only a little over a minute long, the video can be seen by clicking here. Without completely spoiling the video, it depicts Terry as Batman Beyond going up against [redacted for spoilers] from many different, but familiar to fans, universes in a very familiar location. While short, it’s a complete delight to watch.

Jumping forward in time to now, DC’s FanDome event released a new Batman Beyond short that mashes up the 1999 animated show with the 1966 live-action version. Without giving away too many spoilers, all that can be said is that it takes fans of both shows on a short, sweet, and oh so hilarious ride through the fictional universes they love while using Bruce and Terry (as Batman) in a much more modern way. To understand what this means, please click here to see the full video.

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As if that was not enough, they also went and gave Batman: The Animated Series, along with Batman The Brave and the Bold and LEGO Batman the same hilarious treatment as they come together to talk about the Coronavirus. Terry McGinnis as Batman has one line in the short that is just so hilarious which if given away would ruin the joke. If you know the joke, please leave your thoughts down below.


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