February 2, 2023
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The classic DC characters are confirmed for Titans Season 3

DC FanDome is off to an amazing start. Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, Black Adam, and The Snyder Cut have all blown our minds, and now the Titans have joined the party.

Titans Season Two Nightwing Versus Deathstroke

The stellar DC series has gone from strength to strength throughout its two-season run, but season three is going all out to top its predecessors. During the Titans panel, it was confirmed that three classic DC characters will be joining the cast for Season 3. Not only is Barbara Gordon joining the series, but it has been confirmed that Jason Todd will be making the transformation into the iconic figure of Red Hood. But the icing on the cakes comes in the form of the series’ villain.

Deathstroke Menaces in the Trailer for Titans Season 2

With the Titans set to return to Gotham City in season 3, a suitable villain was required and the showrunners have delivered the news that Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow will be menacing the team in season 3.


This is awesome news. With the introduction of Nightwing during the climax of season two, Titans has gone above and beyond the call of duty to deliver some serious fan service, and season three appears to be adding even more into the mix. With Robin becoming Red Hood and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon bringing her skillset to the team, season three has every chance of becoming the best season yet. And that is damn exciting.


Titans season three is expected to ar sometime in 2021.


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