February 6, 2023
Star Wars Squadrons - Pliots Wanted

Max explores the Star Wars Squadrons single-player preview

Gamescom has released more footage from the single-player mode of the upcoming Star Wars game, Squadrons. Squadrons comes out on October 4th and from the looks of it; it looks very exciting. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay looks fun BUT I find it very strange that’s EA is insisting that this is a VR or Virtual reality experience.

My wishlist for the 3 things I want from the future is FTL – Faster than Light travel, time travel, and fully immersive virtual reality. This is not the last one. True VR is not something that we created yet and to call this game VR is silly. Yes, the characters talk directly to you in the game story mode but many games do that. The cockpit that you see through when you play Squadrons is nice but it really doesn’t look like an immersive experience. It actually looks constrictive and I would prefer gameplay where you see your entire ship and you are “outside” of it.

Star Wars Squadrons - Pliots Wanted

It’s much easier to play that way and this VR cockpit is clunky and boring. I think this game will be awesome but they really should put their money where their mouth is if they want to advertise this as VR. True VR is wearing a helmet that gives you a “full” 180-degree immersion in a new world. Haptic sensors would allow you to feel the acceleration of your ship and perhaps olfactory stuff could be added to allow you to smell the metal of your hull.  I know this sounds really picky and snobby but I want real VR and to advertise this as such is misleading and disappointing. True VR will probably not come to game consoles for another 10-15 years. I need to be patient like a Jedi for my dreams to come true.


What are you hoping for in Star Wars: Squadrons? Drop us a line and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.


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