Will Christopher Nolan’s Latest Spectacle Lead People to Multiple Viewings?

Annlyel explores whether ‘Tenet‘ will become a success at the worldwide box office

I’ve recently seen TENET and it’s safe to say, the movie is incredible…at least in the spectacle. Nolan outdoes himself here with ear-splitting sound effects paired with a blaring musical score accompanied by a mind-numbing plot that can’t be understood because the movie is just too loud. But it is spectacular to look at.


I’m a diehard Nolan fan and my family and I are willing to go see the complex puzzle that is TENET once again to discover the movie’s secrets but is the film’s incredible cinematic achievement worth revisiting to try and uncover its ridiculously convoluted storyline that, at the end of the day, is simply about a man saving a beautiful woman from her abusive husband while also stopping said husband from ending the world. I’m not quite sure.



Nolan has been excited for this movie to hit theaters for months. He desperately tried to keep it entering theaters on its original July 17 date but of course, that didn’t work. It was moved to an August date which once again was moved. And then finally it hit theaters around the world and here in the US in late August to a mixed reaction. Some thought it was yet another Nolan masterpiece that was worth the price of admission, others have deemed it bloated, convoluted, and just purely nonsense wrapped in an ultra-loud gift box.


Considering that the movie has made over $150 million at the worldwide box-office is a feat, considering that my theater where I watched the film was almost empty. However, as the weeks go by, the box-office tally is destined to decrease, considering that there’s a good chance people will not be trudging back to theaters to have their ears bludgeoned for two and a half hours. So Nolan’s gamble to create a movie so vastly entertaining in scale, sound, and action that it would drive people back to the movies over and over again will probably fail due to his film being so terribly confusing and inaudible.


Will TENET be Nolan’s first box-office bomb? It very well could be. Nolan has truly out-Nolaned himself for this one and maybe this will force him to create future movies with simpler plots. And then again, maybe he’s stubborn and he’ll continue to make films that are just downright different.

I personally hope he continues to push the envelope of what a movie can be and I think TENET is an extraordinary film.


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