Max shares his love for Japanese anime adventure Assassination Classroom

I recently started watching a new Japanese anime called Assassination: Classroom. It is the most creative and unique anime I have ever watched. It takes place in Japan and acknowledges all of the real countries in the world, which an anime rarely does. The story is about this tentacled superbeing who effortlessly destroys most of the moon and plans to destroy the Earth in one year. He an octopus type humanoid with a creepy smile yet a pleasant voice (at least in the English dub). He is extremely powerful and can fly at speeds equivalent to Mach 20.

Yet to make things interesting; he says he will let a group of outcast students try to kill him before the year is up and acts as their teacher; teaching them math, science, English, etc. He has a passion for teaching and is an effective teacher and advice giver. I tell you, it’s such a bizarre concept but I can’t look away. Check it out. If you live in the US, it airs every Saturday on Toonami at 1:00 am Eastern/Standard Time. It may be a bit late but it’s only a half-hour and so worth it. It just started airing so you can jump right in. I heavily recommend you watch this show!


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