Thomas checks out the awesome new Cad Bane & TODO-360 set from Hasbro

What was supposed to be the SDCC 2020 exclusive has now been released as a shared exclusive in Europe and Asia while in the US. It will be available at Hasbro Pulse during the Hasbro Pulse Con at the end of September. Hasbro is expanding their line of Black Series figures with characters from The Clone Wars other than clone troopers, this time it’s with Cad Bane and TODO-360.  Cad Bane will also be available in the next wave of single carded figures.


As it is an  SDCC exclusive, it comes with a different box inspired by the new packaging design but with a more elegant look.  The figure comes with a removable hat, two blaster pistols, and his reliable droid TODO-360. TODO-360 has 7 points of articulation. It has good paint apps, they nicely transcribed his animated look into live-action, it works pretty well. When posing him be careful because the head is long while the body is tiny so he may easily fall.


As for the blaster pistols, they are newly sculpted guns with a nice silver paint app and some brown color on the handle as well. Cad Bane is an amazing figure, they nailed the look, giving that villainous facial expression! I’m glad we are finally getting The Clone Wars figures we were promised!  It has great paint apps and beautiful details!


It has 17 points of articulation so you can get some good action poses and don’t worry about the cables on the arms, they are made of soft plastic so they bend when you move the arms!

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Must-have figures for fans of The Clone Wars!


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