The latest teaser for ‘The Boys‘ ups the ante for Butcher and the gang while The Seven begins to fracture!

With Season 2 of ‘The Boys‘ entering the endgame, all eyes on the penultimate episode for clues as to what awesomeness awaits us when the season finale rolls in on October 9.

Well, the wait is almost over, and the latest teaser for the seventh and penultimate episode reveals the return of a season one character, Lamplighter colluding with The Boys, and The Seven appearing to be on the verge of splintering. Let’s check it out:

That’s right, Jonah Vogelbaum is back! Last we saw of him he was being interrogated by Homelander during the latter stages of season one – so for those of you who thought he’d been killed off, your fears were unfounded. However, he does look a little worse off since last we saw him!


Moving on, and we come to the crux of the teaser – Homelander declaring Starlight as a mole! What? Could this truly be the end of the line for Starlight, or is this yet another misdirection by those naughty production minions? Either way, with A-Train and The Deep seemingly banished from the team and Starlight, all-but declared a traitor – this could be the end of the line for The Seven as we know it!

And finally, we see Homelander introducing Stormfront to his son, Ryan. The chilling phrase “I think we’ll be around more,” is more than enough to send chills down Becca’s spine and represents a statement of intent from the show’s new power couple. Will Ryan reject his father’s ovations, or will Becca’s worst nightmare come to fruition resulting in her son embracing the teachings of his father. All will be revealed this Friday!

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