October 5, 2022

Annlyel looks ahead to the return of The Mandalorian

With so many movie delays haunting our months it almost seems like 2020 has officially been canceled. (It’s a miracle we even got to see TENET this year.) However, one thing we can all rest assured is still arriving in small screens around the world at the end of this month is the second season of The Mandalorian.

The first season was a revelation. Suddenly, amid Star Wars fatigue and widening rifts between fans of the franchise arrived a show that had the fandom once again united on all fronts. Baby Yoda memes dominated Twitter timelines, quotes like “I have spoken” and “This is the way” were thrown into casual conversation amongst us Star Wars fans daily, and joy was found again.


That “joy” is returning in exactly three weeks, a realization that is both astounding and electrifying. The last season left us with a bombshell of a cliffhanger with Moff Gideon wielding a Darksaber and Mando/The Child on to new adventures. What exactly does this new season have in store?

Exciting new characters, jaw-dropping cameos, heart-wrenching character developments, more Baby Yoda meme-able moments, I mean what do Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have up their sleeves? All of our questions will be answered soon enough. But doesn’t this feel good, fellow Star Wars fans?


That staying-up-until-3-am feeling that I had when The Clone Warsfinal episodes were transpiring is back and obviously, I’m very happy.


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