December 10, 2022
The Mandalorian Season 2 002

Annlyel looks ahead to the return of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian – it’s on every Star Wars fan’s mind as we draw nearer to the premiere date of the second season’s first episode on October 30. Like most fans of the show, I am expectedly excited but with the excitement comes the jitters and boy do I have a lot of them.

We remember the good ole’ days of the Sequel Trilogy when everyone was riding high off of the success and greatness of The Force Awakens and Rogue One and then the fractures began. It was The Mandalorian that saved so many of us from the grips of despair and provided us a story that strayed away from the toxicity the Sequel Trilogy brought with it. But now a second season is on the horizon and with the most recent Disney-owned Star Wars properties could this story go south as well?

In a recent interview with Star Wars Holocron, Emily Swallow had this to say about the second season: “I hope that they’re gonna fall in love with it just as they did the first season. The difficulty of a second season of anything is that they have more specific expectations because they’ve already seen something. So I’m really hoping that fans go into it with an open mind like they did for the first season and are ready to go for the ride.”

That doesn’t sound exactly like a heartwarming endorsement if you ask me. I understand that we will be getting a new story with new twists and turns, narratively, but is there a chance that this second season could have a few episodes that leave us a bit happy but ultimately kind of bored? Or will this season be even greater, building upon character developments and introducing new people?

Like I said before, I’m undoubtedly excited to see this show and all of its new content but we have to go into this with an open mind folks. It might not be the season we were looking for.


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