February 5, 2023

Thomas checks out the super-cool reissue of the Iron Man Hot Toys figure from Spider-Man Homecoming

Released in September in Hong Kong, Sideshow Collectibles the official Hot toys distributor is now shipping their latest reissue – Iron Man MK-47 from Spider-Man Homecoming!

The initial release of this figure was highly popular and thus was sold out very quickly which lead to high prices with third-party sellers on eBay, sometimes reaching the triple of what the figure costs! So I’m really glad Hot Toys gave us a reissue allowing collectors to get this one at a reasonable price!

This reissue got the new box design for the diecast figures. It doesn’t open in two anymore to reveal the polystyrene compartment, you simply remove it from the site. This new box doesn’t feel as resistant as the two-part box but I like that now the art takes all the box and not just a part of it, it looks beautiful!

This figure comes with plenty of accessories – a Tony Stark headsculpt, Tony Stark’s glasses, 8 interchangeable hands (including two with firing effects), feet reactor effects, 2 arm missile launchers, 2 shoulder missile launchers, 1 empty Iron Man helmet, a drone, firing effects for the drone, a basic stand, a stand for the drone, batteries and the screwdriver that goes with it. As usual, just read the user guide before opening the figure. There is A LOT of batteries to install so really be careful and patient because it takes time!

Speaking of batteries, I am impressed with all the lights there are on this figure, there’s so many! There are only two I didn’t install because I was afraid the shoulder pads could break. It’s not a big deal because these are back shoulder lights. When the lights are on, it just looks perfect!

The MK-47 armor is the same as the MK-46 armor from Captain America Civil War except for the colors. The MK-47 has a prominent silver color all over it. The red and gold parts are painted the same way as the MK-46 though. I like this mix of colors, it looks great on this armor. As usual with Hot Toys you get over 30 points of articulation. You have extra shoulder POA to allow a better articulation range, the same goes for the hips. The figure is quite heavy as this is a diecast.

A quick word about the basic stand, it features the Spider-Man Homecoming title on it and a beautiful Iron Man nameplate. This one is slightly different because it has an ad-on to feature the drone. The drone is made of plastic, you can easily see it but it still is a great accessory and I like the firing effects! The firing effects are something that S.H. Figuarts do all the time, it’s nice to see Hot Toys doing it as well. It looks pretty cool and these firing effects look more realistic.

Missile launchers for the arms and shoulders work with magnets so it’s quite easy to interchange them. And to recreate the funny scene where Tony reveals he’s not actually in the suit after rescuing Peter Parker because he’s on a trip, Hot Toys got you covered with an empty Iron Man helmet! It’s a nice feature.

Now the Tony Stark headsculpt, it is a thing of wonder! Kojun once again produced a spectacular headsculpt and J.C. Hong did a fantastic job on the paint. And what could make this even more perfect – glasses! Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. wear so many different glasses. They chose the ones he wears during his call with Peter Parker while he’s on a trip. I appreciate that they included this small accessory, it makes all the difference! Hopefully, more glasses are coming!


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This figure is simply amazing, that is all!


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