December 9, 2022

Max explores Adult Swim’s noteworthy animated monster series!

Any project with Gendy Tartakovsky attached to it is bound to be fantastic and Primal is no exception. In its second season on Adult Swim Cartoon Network Sundays at 11:30, you need to watch this show. I watched it last year and highly enjoyed the visceral and emotional action with absolutely no dialogue whatsoever!

It follows the adventures of a Neanderthal and his trusty T-Rex as they navigate a hellish world of bizarre creatures and beings. The creativity in these episodes is off the charts and tonight’s episode displayed things I would never have conceptualized. Even though there is no dialogue, actions speak louder than words, and listening to the pure “Primal” sounds is almost a language in its own sense. I will not go into each episode as I feel that this show needs to be watched with your own two eyes. It is indescribable. Yet I almost felt a tear forming in my mind.

This episode is simply – wonder, empathy, love, sacrifice. 10 out of 10. Check it out.


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