December 9, 2022

Jason Statham will return as Jonas Taylor for more adventures with The Megalodon

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water! The thermocline has been breached and another Megalododon is about to surface to threaten the worlds’ oceans once again…

Despite receiving a mixed reaction from critics everywhere, Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg (read our review) went on to be a box office juggernaut. The movie, which was based on Steve Alten’s glorious novel MEG: A Novel Of Deep Terror went on to gross over $530 million worldwide and its success prompted Warner Bros. to quickly greenlight a sequel – and now, we know who will helm the project.

Today, we are hearing that Warner Bros. has tapped Ben Wheatley to direct the sequel which is expected to be based upon Alten’s sequel novel titled The Trench. The story is set four years after the original novel and follows Jonas Taylor, and his new wife, Terry Tanaka-Taylor as they study a juvenile Megalodon which they have raised in captivity. But when the monster escapes and makes a dash for the Mariana Trench – the Megalodon’s mating grounds, Jonas sets out to catch the monster before it can unleash its fury on the world’s oceans.

For the big-screen adaptation, many of the key talents involved with the first film are expected to return for the sequel, including Jason Statham, who is expected to be involved in the creative aspects this time around. The first draft of the screenplay has been generated by Dean Georgaris, with Jon and Erich Hoeber now refining the story for the screen. The trio also wrote the script for the first film.

This is awesome news. Although Turtletaub’s big-screen adaptation failed to recreate the magic of Steve Alten’s wonderful novel, the movie was a worthy little time-waster and the thought of Ben Wheatley taking over the reins for the sequel is positive news. The director has made a name for himself following recent successes with Free Fire and Rebecca, and the notion of him taking a deep dive into the realm of The Meg is a tantalizing prospect.

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