January 27, 2023
Prime 1 Studio Legolas Lord of the Rings Two Towers Statue

Feast your eyes on this spectacular Legolas statue from The Two Towers

“Your friends are with you, Aragorn.”

It’s time to unite the Fellowship of the Ring. Back in the summer, Prime 1 Studio unveiled an incredible new Spinosaurus statue from Jurassic Park III which was breathtaking – but for their latest release, they are delving into the characters of middle earth.

Today, Prime 1 Studio has posted a product page for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Legolas 1/4 Scale Statue. The glorious statue depicts Orlando Bloom’s Elven warrior atop the Deeping Wall, during the Battle of Helm’s Deep from the finale of The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. The statue stands at a whopping 30″ tall and comes complete with a suitably cool and highly detailed diorama base.

The statue depicts Legolas clutching his trusty bow as he prepares to unleash a volley of arrows upon the unsuspecting Orc invaders.  However, ordering the statue directly from Prime 1 Studio triggers the inclusion of an additional swap out right hand clutching three arrows.

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Here’s the official line:

Premium Masterline The Lord of the Rings: The Two Tower (Film) Legolas Bonus Version

“You would die before your stroke fell!”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Premium Masterline Series. The fan-favorite, highly anticipated, 1/4 Scale PMLOTR-05: Legolas from the epic fantasy adventure film series: The Lord of The Rings.

This stylish, invigorating statue features the Prince of the Woodland Realm, Legolas. Son of Elvenking Thranduil of Mirkwood, and Master Archer. Legolas fights alongside Gimli and others in the Battle of Helms Deep during the War of the Ring, arrows poised against Suruman’s army!

Legolas is captured here during the scaling of the Deeping Wall, locked in an Orc slaying competition with Gimli. Legolas descends the staircase, riding the shield of a fallen Orc, firing off arrows on the way. He would eventually end this descent by kicking the shield up into the chest of an unlucky Orc.

This Lord of the Rings statue features the most film-accurate Orlando Bloom likeness of all time. Legolas’ tunic is extremely detailed, his perfectly crafted sculpt cape flying through the air, making this a presence commanding, dynamic masterpiece. The base features a slain Orc and multiple broad-bladed swords scattered from the battlefield. We have brought together the many elements of this iconic scene to bring the best representation of Legolas to your collection.

Pair with the PMLOTR-04: Aragorn statue to truly take your collection to the Next Level!

A must-have for the Lord of the Rings and Fantasy fans everywhere!

– Product Size Approx. H:75cm W:45.2cm D:58.9cm
– One (1) Battle of Helms Deep designed themed base
– One (1) swappable right hand holding three arrows [Bonus Version Only]

This incredible statue will set you back a staggering $999 and pre-orders are set to begin November 5th at 3:00 PM Japan Time.

This statue has to be regarded as the ultimate collectible for fans of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. The love and attention to detail are staggering and the likeness to Orlando Bloom is very impressive. Even though the price tag is going to hurt your wallet – it’s gonna be worth it!

Will you be forking out the coin for this statue? Leave a comment in the comments section.


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