Mando Mondays Reveals

Check out this awesome haul of Mando merch!

Today’s installment of Mando Mondays has kicked off in stellar fashion. So far, Hasbro has unveiled an all-new Remnant Stormtrooper and Mando electronic helmet from the Black Series line, and Regal Robot has revealed a sublime Bantha mini-sculpture from their Beast Collection.

If that isn’t enough to have you dancing around like a Tusken Raider at a Krayt Dragon banquet, has just unveiled a Camtono full of cool merchandise for us to drool over. Check it out:

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Mandalorian Event

Enter Disney Magic Kingdoms and join forces with the Mandalorian and the Child during this special, limited-time event.

Funko Pop! The Child with Egg Canister

He’s been told not to touch anything, but like most kids, The Child didn’t listen. In a brand new Pop! figure, The Child gets curious about a very interesting looking egg canister. Food or friend?

Mattel’s The Child Premium Plush Bundle

Sure, this version of The Child can stand on its own two little feet, but the bundle of joy also comes with a satchel inspired by the bag the Mandalorian has been carrying the kid around in this season. Arms, legs, and even the ears are posable. Squeeze his tiny hand to hear sounds from the show.

RSVLTS Mando Collection

Speaking of those iconic helmets, a new collection of apparel from RSVLTS includes an array of Mandalorian-inspired original artwork and unique patterns, including one featuring an assortment of colorful Mandalorian helmets.

Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Electronic Helmet

“This is the Way.” Eagle-eyed fans may have guessed this was coming after we glimpsed some of the fine details on the last episode of This Week! In Star Wars. Now you can don the beskar helmet of the mysterious masked warrior in The Mandalorian from Hasbro’s highly-detailed Black Series line. The 1:1 scale helmet includes electronic lighting effects to help you get into character.

Plus, pick up a Black Series Remnant Trooper, exclusively at Target along with other collectibles, toys, and apparel you won’t find anywhere else.

Exciting times in the galaxy far, far away. How many of these awesome items will be under your Christmas tree this year? Leave us a comment.


This is the way.


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