January 30, 2023
The Mandalorian Chapter 11 The Heiress Review

Carl unpacks The Mandalorian‘s action-packed eleventh chapter – complete with spoilers!!

Now, this REALLY is the way!

Bryce Dallas Howard, stand up and take your bow right now. Episode 11 of ‘The Mandalorian‘ is possibly one of the best the show has ever created. It is funny, action-packed, and contains throwbacks to events seen and mentioned in the ‘Star Wars: Rebels‘ and ‘The Clone Wars‘ animated TV shows. And it does them perfectly. Although we already knew that the special guest character this week was coming, it is still a fist-pumping moment all by itself. The action flows nicely as does the story and we now know where the season is heading before the final episode. Or do we? Rumors have abounded about an event that is said to happen by the climax of this second season but we will have to wait to find out if it is true. Based on what we see and hear in this episode, it could yet turn out to be true. The direction and the writing of this episode will give the fans of the characters seen here one of the biggest thrills so far.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

We pick up from the climax of last week’s episode. The Razor Crest is limping through space on its way to Trask. The ship approaches the planet but it is discovered that the ship will need to manually re-enter the atmosphere of the planet, which it manages to do and lands before the landing gear gives way, sending the ship into the sea surrounding the landing pad. Cue credits. Of course, the ship is winched back out of the water. Mando gives a thousand credits to a Mon Calamari so he and his crew can repair the ship.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

Our passenger from last week, complete with her eggs reunite with her partner in the spaceport where Mando is thanked and told he will find the information he needs regarding other Mandalorians in the local tavern. It is here where he is guided to a crew that will take him across the sea to where they are said to be. It is also here that The Child is given a bowl of chowder and in a hilarious turn of events, the continually hungry child is attacked by something that resides in his meal, prompting Mando to quip “Don’t play with your food”.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

The crew of the seaborne ship betrays both Mando and the child, knocking them into a hold full of water to be consumed by the creature contained within while the crew scavenges the Beskar armor that Mando wears. But the crew don’t get the chance. Out of the sky come three other Mandalorians, blasting the crew and saving Mando and the child. Mando thanks them until one removes their helmet, much to his shock and anger. It’s Bo-Katan!! Katee Sackoff makes her first live-action appearance as the character she voiced in the animated shows and it is a pitch-perfect moment.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

The character looks exactly as her animated version did, right down to the hairstyle and color. It is a moment that will make fans of the show cheer and fist-pump the air in nothing short of pure glee. After a brief discussion with the three, Mando flies away from them with the child while they watch him go. The three also fly away just before the ship explodes, destroyed by them.  Mando is accosted by the brother of the ship’s captain and surrounded by armed men. But our three Mandalorians are not that easy to shake off, landing beside Mando and the four of them taking out the entire group before Bo-Katan takes them all into the cantina for a drink where she proposes a deal with Mando. Help her and her friends to steal a cargo of Imperial weapons from a ship before it leaves the planet, landing on it as it’s taking off and she will give him the whereabouts of a Jedi that he is seeking. He agrees and leaves the child with the frog couple for safekeeping.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

The Imperial ship takes off and the four Mandalorians use their jetpacks to fly up and attempt to take control of the weapons aboard, wiping out almost all of the crew of the ship including a whole platoon of Stormtroopers. However, the Imperial captain of the ship is in contact with Moff Gideon, who is aware of the Mandalorian’s previous attacks on the Imperial fleet and orders the Captain to do what he has been ordered to. The Captain coldly kills his own pilots and sets the ship on a downward course to scupper it, denying the Mandalorians the cargo of weapons. But it is here where Bo-Katan‘s real intentions become known. Not only does she want the cargo of weapons for the battle she will be bringing to reclaim the throne of Mandalore, but she also needs the ship intact for the coming battle.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

Mando isn’t happy about this turn of events but Bo-Katan simply says “This is the way”, quickly bringing him back onside. The four manage to enter the cockpit and stop the ship from crashing onto the planet’s surface while Bo-Katan interrogates the captain, demanding to know where Gideon is and if he is still in possession of the Dark Saber.  We now realize that ‘The Heiress’ of the episode’s title refers to Bo-Katan herself. The Captain refuses to answer her, committing suicide instead. But with the weapons and the ship now under her control, Bo-Katan keeps her end of the bargain, telling Mando what planet he needs to go to and to tell the Jedi that she had sent him. The Jedi’s name is…Ahsoka Tano. With his ship now repaired (badly), Mando and the child take off for the planet Ahsoka is on but not before one of the baby spider creatures from last week’s episode decides to put in a special guest appearance before being caught by Mando and fed to the child.



Whew! What an episode. Not only do we get our first meeting with Bo-Katan in the flesh, but we also get a reference to Ahsoka, giving credence to the announcement that she will be making her own first live-action appearance in the show (in the shape of Rosario Dawson). Will we be meeting Ahsoka next week? Only time will tell but for the next seven days, we will need to watch and digest this quite brilliant episode.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

The cast is top-notch and now we know who WWE’s Sasha Banks (credited here under her real name of Mercedes Varnado) is playing in the show. But make no mistake, this is Katee Sackoff‘s show this week and once again, she delivers the goods and then some. We have been waiting for Bo-Katan to make her live-action debut and when she appears, it is a fan favorite moment come to life. Ms. Sackoff controls the scenes she’s in and when she’s on-screen, you can’t take your eyes off her. Where will the series take her next? I have my own suspicions and if they are proven to be true, then we are in for one hell of a season climax.

The Mandalorian Chapter 9 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

Just think of it. Din Djarin, Bo-Katan, Ahsoka Tano, AND Boba Fett standing side by side in a battle for the ages. That is something that will be sheer gold and an event that will be a standout moment in the show forever. I REALLY hope it comes to pass. But if it doesn’t then at least we have had the joy of seeing Bo-Katan and The Mandalorian fighting side by side and kicking ass! And did I cheer? What do you think?!!

This IS the way!

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