September 30, 2023

Thomas enters the Hall of Armor for a close-up look at Iron Man‘s MK-1 Suit from Figuarts

To keep us in the mood for the original Iron Man, let’s review the Iron Man MK-1 figure! This one is another Bandai Web Premium exclusive. To go with it, Figuarts also re-released the Hall of Armor but this time as an exclusive.

This figure comes with 4 interchangeable hands, a pair of eyes so you can display the figure as if Tony is in it or as if it is just displayed in the hall of armor. It also comes with 2 flame effects and thrust effects. The armor is pretty much faithful to the movie with lots of detail. I love the bullet impacts on the chest piece. Because of how the armor is, as you can expect articulation range in the legs is quite limited even though the joints are there. You get a better articulation range for the arms.

The flame effects are great but the thrust effects are a bit weird but I still appreciate them!

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A great figure to add to your Iron Man collection!


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