Thomas unpacks Tamashii’s Tony Stark action figure from the original Iron Man

The newest Marvel figure from S.H. Figuarts is once again a Bandai Web Premium. The big surprise here is that it is the first time they tried to do a 2-in-1 figure like MAFEX has done several times.

Tony Stark comes with two different outfits – a classic suit and his outfit when he built his first armor. Each outfit has its share of accessories. The suit outfit comes with an interchangeable headsculpt, a mobile phone, 7 interchangeable hands. The other outfit comes with 6 interchangeable hands, a hammer, pliers, an MK-1 helmet, and an anvil.

The classic suit is pretty cool, it is something quite basic. However, there is a hole in the jacket in the back, it is supposedly for articulation but I don’t see the point of it. MAFEX has done dozens of characters in suits and there never were holes in the back of their jackets. It’s just a little nitpicking, it doesn’t change anything to the figure.

Let’s talk about the head sculpts, they’re pretty good. I do prefer the one with the sunglasses because, it’s Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. we’re talking about, he loves glasses. The second outfit is good too but it is quite difficult to attach it to the main legs mainly because there are two pieces to put together unlike what Mafex does. So I would say, the 2-in-1 experiment is a failure for Figuarts. When you do that, it needs to be simple and easy and it’s none of that with Tony Stark.

As for this headsculpt, there is something off in the way the eyes were printed. You can see with the recent figures that Figuarts changed their program for digital printing and it does feel like it is for the worse. The headsculpt itself isn’t bad, it is good but the printing is where it’s wrong. Both outfits have 26 points of articulation so there are no problems with the poses.

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It is a pretty good figure but it also has some flaws with its second outfit. Figuarts has some improvements to make for their next 2-in-1 figure!


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