January 31, 2023
Transformers - 001

The Transformers franchise is set to be reivented with Steven Caple Jr in the driving seat

Autobots. Transform and reboot.

Paramount Pictures and Hasbro have found a chosen one – a visionary director tasked with the daunting challenge of reinventing the Transformers franchise. It has been reported that Creed II (read our review) director Steven Caple Jr has been tapped to take the helm of the new Transformers movie, however, Deadline is reporting that deal isn’t quite done yet.

Can Bumblebee Revitalize the Transformers Franchise?
Transformers: The Last Knight (Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Back in January, before the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the 2020 theatrical release schedule, the studio was dead set on restoring the franchise to prominence and had put two simultaneous scripts in active development.  first was set to be penned by James Vanderbilt and one was by Joby Harold – and it’s Harold’s treatment which has won the day.

Transformers - 002
Transformers (Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

With Michael Bay now departing the franchise for greener pastures, the studio is eager to keep the $4 billion franchise going and is dead set on producing fresh content more in line with Travis Knight’s Bumblebee, which scaled back on the overpowering action in favor of focussing on a more character-driven story. Even though the movie didn’t exactly reach the dizzying heights of its predecessors, Bumblebee was praised by fans and critics alike for restoring some credibility to the series.

Can Bumblebee Revitalize the Transformers Franchise?
Bumblebee (Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

As a fan of the original Gen 1 animated series, this is music to my ears. Although Bumblebee didn’t get the formula one hundred percent accurate, Travis Knight delivered the best Transformers flick since the 1986 animated blockbuster Transformers: The Movie and undone the visceral character assassination of Michael Bay’s outings. We can only hope that Steven Caple Jr can deliver the goods.

I long for the day when the REAL Optimus Prime and the REAL Megatron face off in the ultimate battle of good vs evil in live-action. But after so many bitter disappointments, I will expect the worst and hope for the best!

Roll out!


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