Annlyel continues our “Countdown to Christmas” season by sharing her love for ‘A Christmas Story’

Christmas: it’s the greatest day of the year. You wake up early on a beautiful wintry day, the prospect of presents and time with family filling your very soul with a sense of legitimate joy. For those lucky ones, the world outside may be blanketed in snow. For others, a nice Christmas is a bright and warm sunny day in the hotter regions of the world. And then for others, it can be a mixture of both natural temperature settings. No snow but a beautiful, mildly warm day worth experiencing with family on a nice walk around the neighborhood.

What has become a semi-tradition in my family’s household on Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning is having A Christmas Story play its annual marathon on TBS throughout the night and into the morning. Honestly, there’s nothing better than going to sleep with the sound of A Christmas Story in my ears. Or to wake up in the middle of the night to see iconic moments like young Ralphie saying, “Oh…fudge” or the hilarious leg lamp or Ralphie’s father pronouncing the world fragile, FRA-GEE-LAY, when he thinks the gift he won is super special.

Oh, I love this movie and its endless array of jokes. And because we only watch it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it never gets old and each year, I manage to see something new.

A Christmas Story is a classic for a reason and it is undoubtedly my favorite Christmas movie.


What are your go-to Christmas movies? Leave us a comment and join in the festive fun!


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