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Feast your eyes on this sensational Jurassic Park finale statue from Iron Studios

“Welcome to Jurassic Park!”

It’s been a busy few days for Iron Studios. After unveiling new statues for Marvel Supremo Stan Lee, and Batman from The Dark Knight Returns they have upped the ante further by revealing a breathtaking Jurassic Park: The Final Scene 1/20 Scale Statue

The incredible looking 10.5″ tall statue depicts the final confrontation between Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Lex, and Tim as they face off against the final two Velociraptors. And just when all seems lost, the Tyrannosaurus Rex arrives to save the day. The statue features a suitably detailed Visitor Center diorama base which is complemented by the Jurassic Park logo.

Here’s the official line:

The Final Scene Demi Art Scale 1/20 – Jurassic Park

On a base imitating marble, after all, Iron Studios spared no expense, with the film’s logo adorning the front, the fossils fallen at the feet of the figures, with Lex and Tim Murphy protected by Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant from two Velociraptors and the imposing T-Rex circling ready to capture the Velociraptor that is about to jump on Alan, Iron Studios presents its statue “The Final Scene – Demi Art Scale 1/20 – Jurassic Park – Iron Studios”.

After the collapse of the first park on Nublar Island, some of the most dangerous predatory species escape from their cages, including mortal Velociraptors. Seeking refuge and protection in the control room at the visitor center, doctors Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, along with the children Lex and Tim Murphy, grandchildren of John Hammond, the park’s creator, are chased by raptors. The four protagonists run out of the control room and reach the main lobby, and they find themselves trapped when one of the predators advances to strike, jumping on their prey, is unusually captured in the jaws of a T-Rex, which invades the space in search of his hunting. Thus, the giant tyrant king of the dinosaurs involuntarily becomes the savior of the group, when confronting and being confronted by the Velociraptors, giving the scientists and the children a chance to escape.

This unforgettable and striking sequence from the movie Jurassic Park, created by the master Steven Spielberg, once again comes to life at the hands of Iron Studios, which replicates the final scene of this 1993 Universal Studios super-production. Faithful in the smallest details, relive that experience in your collection and don’t be surprised if in your subconscious you hear the unmistakable roar of the T-Rex every time you catch a glimpse of this piece.

Iron Studios presents The Final Scene Demi Art Scale 1/20 – Jurassic Park Statue from Jurassic Park. Our hand-painted collectible statues and toys are the best gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Grow your collection with this Jurassic Park Collectible Statue!

Scale: Demi Art Scale 1/20


– Limited Edition
– Based on original movie references
– Made in Polystone
– Hand Painted
– Includes T-Rex, 2 Velociraptors, Grant, Ellie, Lex, and Tim
– Includes base
– Product dimensions: 10.6” (H) x 18.9” (W) x 14.5” (D)
– Product Weight: 13.6 lbs

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Wow. This statue is nothing short of magnificent and would be the perfect addition to any Jurassic Park fan’s collection. The statue is priced at $899.99 and is expected to be released in the Third Quarter of 2021.

Pre-order yours and spare no expense.


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