February 7, 2023
Mando Mondays | A Cargo Hold Of Mando Merch Is Unveiled

From Funko to Her Universe apparel, check out this awesome haul of Mando Mondays goodies!

This week, Mando Mondays has kicked off in stunning fashion and although there is a Boba Fett sized hole in the Black Series collection, another tidal wave of Mando awesomeness has been revealed. This Mando Monday delivers new apparel from Her Universe, a small armada from Hasbro’s Mission Fleet, and much more!

So, activate your tracking fobs and join us as we unpack StarWars.com’s Camtono full of goodies…

The Mandalorian Joins Fortnite

Fortnite players can now get the new Mandalorian Outfit with the Child in tow.  Join Mando as he teams up with the greatest hunters across Realities in a battle that will shape the future of the Island.

Moff Gideon and Mando Pop! Bobbleheads by Funko

That sleek mustache previewed on last week’s episode of This Week! In Star Wars belongs to none other than Moff Gideon’s new Funko Pop!, featuring a Darksaber that glows in the dark. Plus, you’ll find a new edition of Mando mid-flight with more glow in the dark elements.

Mission Fleet from Hasbro

New characters, creatures, and vehicles join the Hasbro line with Kuiil on a blurrg, a scout trooper on a speeder bike, and a collection of heroes including Mando, IG-11, and Cara Dune, prepared to defend The Child.

Mythosaur Apparel from Her Universe

The noble Mythosaur takes center stage in new pieces of apparel inspired by The Mandalorian.

The Child Collectible Key from Disney store | shopDisney.com

The Disney store and shopDisney get an adorable new special edition key design, inspired by The Mandalorian

Exciting times in the galaxy far, far away. How many of these awesome items will be under your Christmas tree this year? Leave us a comment.

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