Star Wars Insider To Return To Publishing Short Stories?

Star Wars Insider is close to reaching its 200th issue

Star Wars Insider is close to reaching its 200th issue and I heavily recommend subscribing to the magazine. A little background. Star Wars Insider was first published under a different name and first emerged in 1987. 1987 was a difficult time for Star Wars as it was basically stagnant as a franchise and only the die-hard fans remained. The roleplaying game from West End Games barely kept the candle of Star Wars aflame and things would not change until 1991.

Star Wars: Star Wars Insider #200 (Newsstand Edition) published by Titan Comics @ - UK and Worldwide Cult Entertainment Megastore


In 1987, as far as Star Wars was concerned; it was a dying franchise. Insider braved the storm and gave loyal fans something to chew on every few months. Once Star Wars was resurrected the loyal publication became even more popular and then started to publish its own original short fiction. As someone who’s Senior Seminar was based on short writings; I always loved getting the magazine to read the stories. Most of the stories are tied into upcoming novels but have that 360-degree view of the character’s world. Sure, nobody wants to read a story where someone goes out to buy milk before they suit up for battle but it does make the universe seem a bit more real.

Insiders editor has changed hands a lot over the last decade and is now being helmed by the very responsive and kind, Christopher Cooper. Insider gives you all the interviews with actors and info on merchandise that you cannot easily find online. In the digital age, magazines seem obsolete but there is nothing better than having a book or a mag to hold in your hands and read.

Star Wars High Republic Featured

The Disney Era

When Disney bought Star Wars; they slowly phased out the short stories and it seemed that many people abandoned the mag. Yet never fear. Star Wars Insider recently rejuvenated this practice and #199 contained a short story that ties into The High Republic novel Light of the Jedi. I even reviewed it. It’s nothing special but like I said. It’s always great to have a full view of a story universe. I am not sure if Insider will continue this indefinitely but I am certain issue 201 in March will publish the second part of the short story that case outnim 199. Let’s hope this continues. Titan Magazines publish Star Wars Insider and the subscription fee is very reasonable. Subscribe today!


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