Alien Producer David Giler Dead At 77

The legendary writer and producer of various projects has passed away at the age of 77 after a battle with cancer

Sad news has reached us today. David Giler, writer and producer of various projects over the years has passed away at the age of 77 after a battle with cancer. He is probably best known for his involvement with the ‘Alien‘ franchise ever since it first started way back in the 1970s but his influence was a lot more than that. Describing his friend and writing/producing partner, Walther Hill gave this statement:

“If you knew David, you knew he was special. The magic of his personality is hard to describe: Funny, angry, knowledgeable, extremely well-read; it was my privilege to write and produce with him, and more importantly, to have his close and deep friendship for nearly 50 years”

Alien producer David Giler had died at the age of 77


David Giler, as well as being one of the men behind the ‘Alien‘ franchise throughout the years also played significant parts with movies such as ‘Beverly Hills Cop II‘, ‘Southern Comfort‘, ‘The Money Pit‘ and ‘The Parallax View‘ to name but a few of his writing achievements but he will always be remembered for co-writing the screenplay for James Cameron’s ‘Aliens‘, one of the best science fiction/ horror sequels ever made.  But Giler also wrote for the small screen by contributing to small screen fare like ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E‘, ‘The Girl From U.N.C.L.E‘, and ‘Burke’s Law‘ and produced fare such as ‘Tales From The Crypt’, and ‘Tales From The CryptKeeper‘ as well as executive producing the ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ movies ‘Demon Knight‘ (a personal favorite of mine) and ‘Bordello Of Blood‘.

David Giler Dies: 'Alien' Producer, 'The Money Pit' Writer Was 77 – Deadline

I, alongside the other members of The Future Of The Force, would like to extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to the family and friends of the late David Giler at this extremely sad time while offering our thanks to the legend of a man who gave so much to the world of film and television throughout his life.

Source: Variety


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