August 20, 2022
Hot Toys Qui-Gon Jinn Star Wars The Phantom Menace

Can the Hot Toys Qui-Gon Jinn deliver on its promise to deliver the definitive version of Liam Neeson‘s beloved Jedi Master?

Hot Toys recently released their Qui-Gon Jinn figure, which is actually the second character they made from The Phantom Menace, the first being Darth Maul. Hopefully, it is a sign that more is to come!

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The box is the usual Star Wars Collectables design box – black and in the middle a picture of the product. This figure comes with plenty of accessories – Qui-Gon’s Jedi robe, his poncho, 8 interchangeable hands, 3 holograms, 1 comlink for the holograms, 1 comlink, a grappling, batteries, extra hand joints, an interchangeable arm for the LED light-up feature, his lightsaber, two parts to attach the lightsaber or not on the belt, two different blades and a stand.

The stand has the Qui-Gon Jinn nameplate and the ground represents the floor of the place where Qui-Gon dies. I love that they included different holograms like Yoda, Mace Windu, and Padmé’s Royal ship, it gives different possibilities for display.

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The Little Things

As usual with Hot Toys, they replicate even the smallest details. They have used two different shades of gray for the poncho – on the edges, they used a dark gray while for the rest, they used a lighter gray. I really appreciate that they included this accessory because it looks great on Qui-Gon! It’s fairly easy to put on and remove from the figure.

As for the Jedi robe, they used the right shade of brown. Dark. Just like in the movie. Because of the long hair, be careful when you put the robe on. Jedi outfits are simple but still, it is important to get the right length for the skirt, the details on the belt, the correct shades of color for the different pieces of clothing. Hot Toys has got them all, it’s great as usual!

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The figure has over 30 points of articulation. You can give him any action pose you want, it’ll be great to display with Darth Maul if you have him.

Hot Toys Qui-Gon Jinn Review 004


Now, let’s talk about the headsculpt. When it was released, there were two sides online, the ones who loved it and the ones who hated it. I’m on the side of the ones who loved it, I think Hot Toys has done an incredible job once again. It really looks like Liam Neeson.

Head movement is limited because of the long sculpted hair but I would take sculpted hair over fake hair any day. Sculpted hair offers much better results.


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Final Thoughts

An amazing figure with plenty of accessories, that will go well with your Star Wars collection. You can order yours from Sideshow Collectibles here.


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