January 31, 2023

A special FOTF pre-review exploration of the U.S.S. Discovery XL Edition from the Eaglemoss Starship Collection

The U.S.S. Discovery is emerging from the Mycelial Network. Aside from looking extremely cool, the new vessel has been an instrumental part of Star Trek: Discovery‘s three seasons. And as a result, has won her place amongst the iconic starships of the United Federation Of Planets.

Eaglemoss Collections

The Discovery recently survived an arduous nine hundred year jump into the future. And after a brief spell encased in ice, she emerges unscathed, free to return to the splintered remnants of the Federation. And now, the sleek Crossfield-Class starship has been conceptualized into model form by the great team at Eaglemoss Collections.

In this preview, I will take you to the final frontier and reveal the ship in all its glorious detail. My version of this vessel will be delivered in the next few days and I will review it for the site once it’s in hand. But until then, we can have a little fun and explore the bounty that awaits.

The U.S.S. Discovery XL Edition

The team at Eaglemoss has gone above and beyond to reproduce the Discovery in the finest detail. And it shows. The 29cm-long die-cast model has been hand-painted with intricate detail using references from CBS Studios’ own archives of designs and CG models.

The model uses an aesthetically pleasing bronze finish to recreate her majesty and highlight her segmented saucer section, along with the triangular secondary hull and elongated nacelles. The blue semi-transparent components on the nacelles and deflector dish light up when light hits them. This supplies a screen accurate representation of the vessel.

Collector’s Booklet

The model comes complete with an exclusive 20-page collector’s magazine you’ll find a profile of Captain Lorca’s ship and an extensive article on the design process, packed with original concept art and designer John Eaves’ insights into how the ship evolved.

Order Links

This sensational Starfleet vessel is available to buy now direct from Eaglemoss Collections. Priced at a reasonable £49.99, the Discovery will be a welcome addition to any collection. And I’m excited to open the box and peer inside. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Discovery when she made her debut. But after three stellar seasons, she has won me over and I cannot wait to open the box and share my thoughts with you.

Check back for my review soon.


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