September 26, 2023
Future State Catwoman #1 Review

DC’s new Future State initiative continues with the queen of Gotham’s cat burglars – the unconquerable Catwoman

It’s time to catch up with the queen of Gotham’s cat burglars in Future State Catwoman #1. I had not originally planned on reading this one but something in my head told me to read it.

Future State Catwoman #1 | DC Comics

Future State Catwoman #1 Cover

This story was an interesting read that further explains the dystopian environment of Gotham City.  I was glad to get some further insight into what is going on there in this future and how gloomy it is.  It also delved a little more into the fascist character of the Magistrate.


I like how the story portrays Catwoman as a hero while keeping true to her true nature. I like the idea that she has a crew helping her in her endeavors and trying to keep her in check.  What is essentially a train heist to rescue children turns into something much more with a colossal reveal at the end.

Future State Catwoman #1

Writer Ram V is another Future State writer that I had not heard of previously.  Upon further research, he is no stranger to writing Catwoman so it is not surprising that he knows the character so well.  He also wrote the Justice League and Swamp Thing titles in the Future State line.  The artwork done by Otto Schmidt is on point.

Future State Catwoman #1


I’m glad that I decided to read this and with an ending like this, I want to check out the next one.


Future State: Catwoman #1 is published by DC Comics and is available to buy NOW!


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