Star Wars | What Is The Force?

Max ponders the origins of the Force. Can it be quantified by science or will it always remain a mystical energy field?

The Force is first described to us as the ubiquitous “force” that binds the universe together. It is synonymous with God, as it is said to have a will. And since the Jedi aren’t using magnets to fool everyone, denying the existence of the Force is pure stupidity. However, it is intriguing to think about what the scientists in the Star Wars universe view the Force as.

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The Jedi had been around for 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. And there are billions of planets each with their own scientists; roughly giving us at least a trillion scientific minds. The fact that the source of their power remains mysterious after all that time truly shows how amazing the Force is. Many scientists have probably tried to measure and artificially tap into the Force. And until the birth of the Empire, they were unsuccessful. That’s fine. The Force probably exists outside science and cannot be explained quantitatively.

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Yet, is there a definition as to what it is? It is said by the Jedi to be an energy field and in known science, there are 4 fundamental forces. Strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetism, and the most well known. Gravity. Now here’s where it gets interesting. Scientists still don’t know how to unite these 4 forces into one unified theory. And many speculate that there is a fifth force. Is the Force the fifth force!? One that unites everything? That seems like a great explanation and since we know that the Clone Trooper Bad Batch leader Hunter can sense electromagnetism. Perhaps this means that feeling the Force and Electromagnetism are similar and are different “frequencies”. However, when my uncle was alive, he postulated that the universe is composed of thousands of forces. Since the universe is so big, this seems likely. So forget the Forces.

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Let’s try again. The Force is too small to be seen interacting with matter. So maybe it is on the scale of nanoscopic proportions and is just an application of nanotechnology. Yet, nanotech is a mature science in Star Wars, and it is pretty easy to assume that that theory would’ve been proved wrong. Lastly, scientists on Earth are trying to uncover the mysteries of dark matter and energy which are supposed to account for 95% of the matter in the universe. Some say the dark matter is older than the universe itself and is the framework for everything that exists.

This sounds a lot like what the Force is described as! Yet, again. Dark matter and dark energy is something the Star Wars scientists know about and utilize. It is the power source for Starkiller Base’s solar system busting death ray. All of the theories have been debunked – there is nothing left. That leads me to conclude that the Force exists outside the confines of the universe and while it is created by all living things, it has no source as to where it comes from. Nothing is impossible with it, and nothing restrains it.

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Luke Skywalker could project an image of himself throughout trillions of miles away and instantaneously, not regulated by light or even hyperspace travel times. It is a force to be reckoned with and nobody, not even Plaugeis or Palpatine can explain it. And yes, I did not forget about midi-chlorians. They are a controversial subject among many fans, and I believe they are just receptacles of this awesome energy.


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