August 19, 2022
The High Republic Starlight Part Two Go Together

Max explores Starlight Part 2 Go Together. The High Republic introduction story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

At last. Star Wars: The High Republic Starlight Part 2 Go Together has arrived within the pages of Star Wars Insider‘s commemorative edition.

Star Wars Insider has officially turned 200. The bicentennial issue is quite a milestone for the magazine, which started as the Lucasfilm Fan Magazine in 1987 (during a dry period for Star Wars). To celebrate, part 2 of the short story to the pilot story of the High Republic project is in. Let’s see where we left off.

Star Wars: The High Republic | Starlight Part 1 - Go Together

Star Wars: The High Republic

Go Together Part 2 is also written by Charles Soule and Insider briefly recaps the events of the last story with a short story skeleton. The story itself is far more fascinating than its predecessor. And while Part 1 chronicles the brief adventure between husband and wife mechanics Joss and Pikka before Light of the Jedi. This one skips ahead to after the end.

Joss and Pikka are in a situation room with Republic generals and the Supreme Chancellor herself. Both Joss and Pikka are fiery individuals (when need be) and I love both characters. Joss has a painful flashback to the final battle against the Nihil; who use brutal and exotic tactics to fight. The Jedi seemed to be the only one with reflexes fast enough to resist this. BUT also the non-force sensitive husband and wife.

Starlight Beacon

Everyone in that room wants to know how they could fly and evade on par with the Jedi and how is quite ingenious. Stay in school. Get your degree. This couple is something all couples should aspire to be. They are both smart and tough and a team who love each other unconditionally and do everything together. They are probably my favorite characters in the entire High Republic project so far. And I’m glad Charles Soule penned this along with Light of the Jedi. Solid B.

Star Wars: The High Republic Release Schedule

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