February 2, 2023
Batman '89 and Superman '78

Tim Burton’s Batman ’89 and Richard Donner’s Superman ’78 movies are getting direct sequels from DC Comics

Tim Burton’s Batman ’89 and Richard Donner’s Superman ’78 movies are finally getting sequels – in comic book form. DC Comics will release sequels to both properties this July.


In an exciting twist, Batman ’89 will bring back several “Burton Era” characters. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Batman Returns) and Billy Dee Williams’ Harvey Dent/Two-Face are both in line for a return. Similarly, the comic will introduce the first-ever Burton-esque incarnation of Robin. The comic strip will “pull on a number of threads left dangling” after the events of the 1989 film. Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm will re-team with artist Joe Quinones to continue the adventures.

Batman '89 DC Comics


The continued adventures of Christopher Reeve’s Superman will be explored in Superman ’78. Rob Venditti and Wilfredo Torres are teaming up for this one, and it will explore the aftermath of Richard Donner’s iconic movie. The comic strip will explore a time where “bystanders are surprised and delighted by Superman’s abilities, and Lois Lane doesn’t (yet!) know that Clark Kent is secretly Superman. The sheer thrill of seeing a man fly, leap, or stop a bullet will be reflected in this environment where Superman has just been introduced.” 

Superman '78 DC Comics

Here’s the official Twitter reveal:

Beginning in July 2021, decades after both Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie and Tim Burton’s Batman introduced generations of fans to silver screen versions of DC’s Man of Steel and the World’s Greatest Detective, DC is returning to these beloved properties to tell new stories set within these worlds with the publication of a series of Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 comic books. Writer Rob Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres will capture imaginations in Superman ’78 while screenwriter Sam Hamm and artist Joe Quinones will immerse readers into Batman ’89.

Batman '89 and Superman '78


Both comic strips will debut six new digital chapters starting July 27, 2021. After that, new issues will release every week thereafter for six weeks. But if digital comics aren’t your thing, and you fancy something more traditional. Standard comic book versions will release between August and October. After that, hardcover versions will be coming our way in time for Christmas.

This is wonderful news. DC fans have been yearning for more adventures with Michael Keaton’s Batman and Christopher Reeve’s Superman. And DC has saved the day again. On a personal note, I cannot wait to return to Gotham and Metropolis once again and reunite with my heroes of yesteryear. And with Michael Keaton returning as Batman in The Flash movie – the future looks bright for DC fans everywhere.

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