Star Trek: Prodigy will release on Paramount+ before making the move to Nickelodeon. Plus, meet the characters of the series.

Although the series was announced nearly two years ago, we still know very little about STAR TREK: PRODIGY. The all-new animated Star Trek series was initially earmarked to debut on the Nickelodeon network. And although the series will still beam over to the service at some point, it will now call Paramount+ its home port.

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Revealed yesterday during the ViacomCBS investors event, Star Trek: Prodigy — which features the return of Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway is set to debut its first 10-episode season on Paramount+.  A second season has already been given the green light and is expected to launch directly via Nickelodeon.


Ordinarily, news like this would be enough to send us dancing around the warp core. But the fun doesn’t end there, because just minutes after the big reveal, we got to meet the cast of the new series. And in a bizarre twist, none of the primary characters are human. Which is a first for Star Trek. Let’s take a closer look:

Star Trek Prodigy Cast

So far, no character names or voice casting for these alien cadets have been released. And given that Kathryn Janeway isn’t among them. It isn’t a stretch to assume she’ll be making her presence known as a mentor.


Speaking with THR, Paramount+’s head of original programming shared more details about the decision to launch the show on the new streaming service:

[‘Prodigy’] reflects exactly what we’re looking to do at Paramount+. In the early going for the new platform, franchises are incredibly valuable in driving people across the paywall and we know this. The addition of ‘Prodigy’ is huge in that it’s taking this franchise. And expanding the possibility of this hungry new demographic for ‘Star Trek.’ It does speak to the highest execution of the kind of things we’re looking to do at Paramount+. Part of what we’ve seen is our ‘Star Trek’ fans on CBS All Access, it’s interesting what they’ll go to.

They’ll go to ‘The Legend of Korr’a and pop around and find things that fit that particular — and I say this lovingly — nerd demo. Our hope and thought, in concert with [Nickelodeon president] Brian Robbins, is that by bringing those Trek fans and their children into Prodigy on the platform is a great way of hitting those hardcore Trek fans.

On the other hand. On the linear side, is hitting kids that may not be interested in ‘Star Trek’. But do watch Nickelodeon and would be interested in trying something new on the network.

Star Trek Prodigy Logo - Nickelodeon

This is exciting news. After what was a stellar first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks — the fan appetite for more animated content is at an all-time high. And Prodigy is shaping up to fill the void perfectly. Until then, we’ll keep you updated on any casting news, and release details when they become available. So, keep it real and keep it Future of the Force.


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  1. I don’t know- I do want the younger generation to love Star Trek as much as I do, but it doesn’t look Trekkie. Maybe I’m being too grumpy and purist about it…

  2. Cool, gotta keep up with Star Wars right? 😉 Looks fun anyways, good to get the younger generations into the Trek-verse!

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