August 16, 2022

The Eighth Wonder Of The World tests the strength of the shield barrier surrounding Skull Island in the latest teaser for Godzilla vs Kong

The hype train for GODZILLA VS KONG has well and truly left the station. Adam Wingard’s monster epic is just a few short weeks away, and new teaser trailers are dropping all the time. And today’s feast for the eyes delivers our first look at Kong on Skull Island. However, the mighty eighth wonder of the world isn’t as free as we first thought.

Godzilla Vs Kong 2

It seems that there is an invisible shield barrier surrounding the island which prevents the great ape from leaving. However, when the threat of a rampaging Godzilla becomes too big to ignore, humanity will call upon Kong. Check it out here:

Okay, this mammoth of a movie looks better and better with each new teaser. And I cannot wait to take my seat for the ultimate battle for supremacy. Adam Wingard appears to have crafted a sensational movie and is giving both monsters the credit they deserve. Which is a mammoth undertaking in the ultimate face-off between Hollywood’s biggest monsters.

Godzilla Vs Kong

ONE WILL FALL in Legendary’s Monsterverse.

And in this universe…Kong is King!

Godzilla Vs Kong‘ hits theatres and HBO MAX on March 31st

Source: YouTube


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