The Mandalorian Novel cancelled

Del Rey has confirmed that The Mandalorian Visual Dictionary and Original Novel have both been canceled!

The Mandalorian HAS BEEN CANCELLED! No, don’t worry. It isn’t THAT Mandalorian. But Del Rey Books has tweeted that the Visual Dictionary and the novel known only as The Mandalorian Original Novel has been canceled. If there is one thing I HATE more than book delays, it’s the cancellation.

I was so excited about this book. It was set to be penned by Adam Christoper. Adam Christopher contributed to the short story collection A Certain Point of View Empire Strikes Back edition. And honestly, his story was the only one that stood out in terms of quality. Thankfully Del Rey has confirmed that the Force is not done with Adam. So we can look forward to his next project with bated breath.

The Mandalorian Novel cancelled

The only reason given for the cancellation was that The Mandalorian’s story is still expanding on the small screen. That’s fine, but what’s the harm of having a novel interloop with it? Season 3 of The Mandalorian is not on the list for 2021; implying it’s coming in 2022, and this book would’ve given us the fix we needed until it returned.

While I am excited Season 3 IS coming, my love of reading supersedes my love of TV shows. So I am most disappointed.


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