December 10, 2022

Max explores the rarity of chocolate in the galaxy far, far away. Is there trade for sweet treats in Star Wars?

One of the best things about having no romantic life is that you have tons of time to speculate about your favorite franchises from an in-universe point of view. Star Wars is my jam and my new sub-hobby is reading about technical limitations in Star Wars books and speculating why they are so. The out-of-universe answer is: the author wanted it or the plot demanded it. Yet, that doesn’t satisfy me and I look at Star Wars from a universe lens.

Star Wars Battlefront Inferno Squadron


The canon novel Battlefront II: Inferno Squad mentions that in certain parts of the galaxy, real-world food chocolate is rare. Now this book came out in 2017, so it’s 4 years late, but my memory is pretty good so I remember it like I was reading it yesterday. Anyway, a young character named Anice offered it to another young character named Seyn, claiming she got some for her birthday. Anukara is the planet in the region of the galaxy where chocolate is rare, and honestly, getting chocolate for your birthday is pretty lame. (Unless you’re Charlie Bucket). And I wonder how in a GFFA, that this is happening.



Christie Golden may have done some futurism research, as chocolate is said to become very rare in the 2030s. But that’s only because the Earth may not be able to grow the cocoa plant anymore. The Star Wars galaxy has BILLIONS of terrestrial worlds and it seems ridiculous that all of them would have a problem growing cocoa. Also, the galaxy is pretty advanced in interstellar trade. And I don’t know why chocolate can’t be shipped from other parts of the galaxy to the part where Anukara is located. Yet, a galaxy spans over 100,000 light-years, and some places in the galaxy may be as different as can be.

Star Wars Chocolate


Maybe chocolate is not considered “important” enough to ship around the stars. OR maybe cocoa is truly a difficult plant to cultivate. So, why don’t they make it artificially? Scientists on Earth will someday have to make it in a lab. If future generations want to enjoy its sweet, sugary goodness. Star Wars is a pretty advanced society. But there are a lot of different levels of sophistication in various fields of tech. Their spaceflight tech is lightyears ahead of us, but their biotech is somewhat lacking. They don’t even seem to grow meat in labs and may not be able to synthesize chocolate.

OR, chocolate has been deemed to be extremely unhealthy and people have decided to eat it sparingly. I am not a chocolate person. So if I lived in a GFFA, I would be content to not eat it often.


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