February 2, 2023

Max explores the constant debate between the fans. In the battle of Star Wars vs Star Trek – which franchise wins?

Star Wars vs Star Trek – the ultimate face-off!

The eternal question among sci-fi buffs is: what is better. Star Trek or Star Wars. Star Trek has a decade on Star Wars as it was released in the ’60s but Star Wars has become more popular and accumulated far more content since 1991. Yet Trekkies always seem to bounce back, and the newer Star Trek is attempting to borrow some of the action that Star Wars movies currently employ to grow its fanbase.


Yet, this is the root of the problem. Star Wars was always a fantasy epic in the background of a sci-fi world, and Trek is pure scientific exploration and discovery. Star Trek is the realistic scenario of future humans, exploring space with no rush and no hassle in terms of what they need to accomplish. Yes, there are hostile races but a lot of space is unknown. And you really can lose yourself in the stars.

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Star Wars is not like that. Their galaxy is incredibly interconnected like a macrocosm of the real world. War is constantly breaking out (hence the name). And all the characters strive towards the goal of victory, peace, or spiritual fulfillment. Kind of like us Earthlings? So, Star Wars has a larger goal and an objective. While Star Trek is just a bunch of curious humans living in a society where there is nothing to do but explore space. That’s why Star Wars will always supersede Star Trek.


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