February 7, 2023

Star Wars is resurrecting a Clone Wars legend. Durge is making a sensational comeback in the June issue of Doctor Aphra

The June 2021 Marvel solicitations are in and to my absolute joy, the cover of the Dr. Aphra issue features an old favorite. The bounty hunter Durge. Durge was one of my favorite characters from the Expanded Universe and made his first appearance in the Clone Wars micro-series.


Durge is a walking army that can regenerate from almost any wound. A bounty hunter employed by the Confederacy of Independent System during the Clone Wars, he crossed paths with Obi-Wan Kenobi who barely defeated him. Durge was encased in armor and had tons of cool weapons. He was kinda like Grievous, but honestly, I believe his Gen’Dai heritage made him even more dangerous. Gen’Dai could live for centuries and often endured periods of suspended animation to presumably mitigate the effects of longer lifespans on the psyche.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra Durge

He was “woken” up to fight for the bad guys. Enticed with the knowledge that he would be fighting clones of a Mandalorian, and Mandalorians and Gen’Dai were mortal enemies. Durge was not in the 2008 Clone Wars and was seemingly wiped from Canon. Yet, thankfully, many Legends elements have returned to Canon within the last 7 years.


If Aphra is fighting Durge, she best have all her wits about her. In Legends, he was destroyed when Anakin Skywalker shot his escape pod into a star. Yes, it took a star’s heat to destroy this being. The cover accurately depicted Durge’s massive size but there are also some cool differences in his design. Despite hibernation, Durge DID go completely insane and it brings up the question if an indefinite lifespan is a good thing for an organic being.

Anyway, this issue hits shelves in June and is a second continuation of the Dr. Aphra series.


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