December 9, 2022
Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Victory And Death" Review

Max concludes his review of  The Clone Wars in Season 7.12 – “Victory And Death”

“Victory and Death” continues right where “Shattered” left off with the homicidal clones boring through the door where Ahsoka and Rex were holed in. Ahsoka is very quick on her feet in this episode and comes up with plans under pressure and with limited time. Her big plan to escape is to have Rex try and convince the clones that she is no longer a Jedi and that Order 66 does not apply to her. Jesse (who has replaced Rex as leader) does not buy this technicality and insists they need to obey Lord Sidious. Lord Sidious? How do the clones know to call him Sidious? Aren’t they supposed to know and obey him as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine? I thought the “Yes my lord” from Revenge Of The Sith was just a respect thing. It’s very odd and probably the only problem I have with this episode.


Shattered” was very much a disappointment but “Victory and Death”, I feel has made up for it despite this. Ahsoka shows off some extremely impressive uses of the Force and she even pulls a Rey. When Maul steals a shuttle; Rex and Ahsoka’s means of escape; Ahsoka attempts to use the Force to stop it and manages to hold it in place for a few seconds. In contrast, we also get to see Maul telekinetically destroy the hyperdrive chamber of the Venator; preventing them from reaching Coruscant.


Most of the remaining episode is a race against the clock to escape the Venator before it crashes into a moon. It kinda reminds me of Revenge of the Sith‘s opening scenes with the characters sliding around the giant ship as they try to escape; just on steroids. The scene I mean. I really like Ahsoka and I know she is a cartoon and a different species than me, but I feel a strange attraction to her. Her bravery, her brains, her desire not to hurt others makes her beautiful to me. While the episode doesn’t really enhance the end of ROTS or link Ahsoka and Rex to any other Order 66 survivors; I feel it was still satisfying.


There is even a cool nod to The Mandalorian and despite there was absolutely nothing to link Ahsoka to Season 2 of The Mandalorian, I still feel the nod has assured that she will appear at some point in Season 2. As for the flash-forward – It. Melted. My. Mind. I feel that it was also a fitting end to The Clone Wars, George Lucas’s story, and the Skywalker Saga as a whole. That’s right. I feel that this story is the final piece in the giant jigsaw puzzle that is the story of Skywalker.


Now we are truly in the Post-Skywalker era and here’s to 43 more years of awe-inspiring stories. “Victory and Death”, however, gets a B+.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Series is streaming now exclusively on Disney+


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