September 22, 2023
New Star Trek The Original Series Funkos

Raise the shields and arm the photon torpedos because Funko is beaming in a new wave of Star Trek: The Original Series Pops!

Funko is beaming aboard a new wave of Star Trek: The Original Series Pops. In recent years, Funko has tackled some of the greatest franchises in pop culture history. From Batman ’66 to Masters Of The Universe; almost every character you can think of has become part of the Funko Pop family. Better yet, they are easily the most adorable versions of the characters we love. So when a new wave of Funko Pops dedicated to Star Trek: The Original Series is announced, we take notice.


The red alert klaxon has sounded and our shields are up. Especially around our wallets, because 8 new characters from Star Trek: The Original Series are heading to the Funko line. The wave will include Kirk in Captain’s Chair, Spock with Isis, The Gorn, Khan, and Mirror versions of Uhura, Sulu, Spock, and Kirk. All will stand at the traditional 4.25″ tall and will clock in around the £10 mark.

According to reports, The Gorn will be exclusive to Target in the U.S, while Mr. Spock holding Isis will be available exclusively from Check out the images below:


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Okay, this new wave of Funko Pops is exceptional, and they will quickly become the hottest piece of Trek memorabilia of the summer. Funko is an unstoppable juggernaut these days. And by adding these wonderful characters from The Original Series to their line-up, their domination shows no signs of relenting. But considering the majority of the planet collects them in one form or another, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

The Star Trek Funko Pops are available for UK pre-order now at and Expect them to release in June.


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