February 7, 2023
George Lucas - 76th Birthday

George Lucas and Melody Hobson joined a Zoom session with a class of school kids to talk all things Star Wars

George Lucas and Melody Hobson (George’s wife) joined a Zoom session with a class in a school in my hometown New York City to answer questions about Star Wars. Lucky Jawas. I would love to ask George a few questions and one of them would be: how is your daughter doing? That’s right. Even though George is in his 70’s; his wife is younger and he has a daughter who should be at least 7 years old by this point. The little girl’s name is Everest and the few pictures capturing her when she was an infant are positively adorable.

Happy Birthday George Lucas

Unfortunately, that’s where the coverage ended and there are no recent sightings of a young child Everest. George has 3 adult adopted kids and they have made cameos and writer credits in various Star Wars projects but Everest is his first biological child. It’s sad to think George Lucas probably won’t be around by the time she is a young adult, and I can only speculate what this child will grow up to do to honor her father’s legacy. He is the Maker and she is the Child of the Force.


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