September 21, 2023
6 Lush Star Wars Locations - Star Wars List It!

In Star Wars List It! – we set off on a whirlwind tour of the galaxy far, far away and visit many of its Lush Locations!

Star Wars: List It! gathers anything and everything from the Star Wars galaxy into fun lists! This time, we set off on a whirlwind tour of the many Lush Locations the galaxy far, far away has to offer.

Not every planet in Star Wars is covered in sand like Tatooine and Jakuu. Many have beautiful trees, green plains, and more. Here are six lush locations from across the galaxy!

The galaxy far, far away sure is a beautiful and exotic place. From Endor to Ajan Kloss, and Kef Bir to Kashyyyk – there is always a Lush Location or two to visit.

Star Wars List It - Ajan Kloss

Which desert island destination would you like to visit in the Star Wars galaxy? Drop us a line and share your thoughts. We love hearing your feedback.

Source: Star Wars Kids


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