Zack Snyder has debuted an all-new zombie-packed trailer for Army Of The Dead. Get ready for the ultimate undead slaughter fest!

With the world finally coming down from the high of Zack Snyder’s Justice League; all eyes are on the director to deliver another theatrical sensation. And always ready to oblige, Snyder returns next month with Army Of The Dead, a zombie heist movie destined to launch on Netflix on May 21.

The launch trailer teased us with a Las Vegas heist like no other. In a time where the famous strip is overrun with the undead. But aside from a few juicy images, the teaser kept many of its cards close to its chest. However, with the release date looming, Netflix had dropped an all-new trailer that ups the ante and delivers zombie action in a big way! But don’t take my word for it, press play and enjoy:

Yeah,  a zombie Tiger! A freaking zombie Tiger! Credit where credit is due, Zack Snyder looks like he’s knocked this one out of the park. We’ve all seen our fair share of stereotypical zombie plague movies, but Army of The Dead is changing the game. And for the better. this movie looks absolutely insane, and I cannot wait to get my first taste of the action.


Zack Snyder directed and co-wrote the film alongside Shay Hatten and Joby Harold. The movie’s release will be accompanied by an anime series titled Army Of The Dead: Las Vegas that will focus on the origins of Dave Bautista’s character Scott. The series will follow Scott as he and his team try to navigate their way through the onset of the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

Army Of The Dead Poster


Netflix is going all out on the promotional campaign for this movie. And with an anime series in the works alongside a live-action prequel series following Ludwig Dieter; another character from the movie, the streamer has all the building blocks in place for a lucrative franchise. And that is a tantalizing prospect.

What do you think of the trailer? And are you willing to be dragged down the zombie apocalypse with Zack Snyder? Drop us a line and share your thoughts. Or get involved via our social media.

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