The LACC Micro Con reveals new Hot Toys figures!

The Los Angeles Comic-Con held their first Micro Con yesterday. It was a digital event during which Sideshow Collectibles unveiled new Hot Toys figures.

  • Nightwing from the Batman Arkham video games. It’s the first time Hot Toys makes this character.
  • Spider-Man (the Bodega Cat Suit) from the video game Spider-Man Miles Morales. This is a variation of the already announced Miles Morales figure with additional clothes and accessories.

Keep in mind that Hot Toys figures revealed at comic-cons don’t always get released. Indeed, there are about a dozen Marvel and Star Wars figures revealed in the recent years that never got announced for a release.

Micro Con also allowed us to get a new in-hand look at some highly anticipated figures like Boba Fett and Bo-Katan from The Mandalorian along with other Marvel and DC Comics figures!

Although, Black Widow and Taskmaster haven’t been announced yet, they have been showcased at every Hot Toys events since last year. Now that the Black Widow movie has a set release date, it’s possible we’ll finally hear an announcement with the launch of pre-orders.


What do you think of these figures? Drop us a line and share your thoughts, or get involved via our social media. We love hearing from you.


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